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Richmond House's Environment Policy

Since we started Richmond House back in February 2009, we’ve always tried to make ethical choices as to how we run our business, and this is reflected in the way we source our food, the products we use and supply for our guests’ use, and the way we manage our business environment. We are by no means perfect, and are always looking for ways to improve, but these are some of the measures we have in place to reduce our waste, pollution, carbon impact and environmental impact:

  • We use a range of locally produced ingredients in our breakfasts
    We use fair trade and rainforest alliance certified teas
    We refill sterilised glass jars and containers to eliminate portion packs
    We offer an early luggage drop-off, and complimentary early check in to guests leaving their cars at home
    Richmond House is cleaned using environmentally friendly products
    We make donations to a water charity for guests choosing to extend their use of bedlinen
    We use FCS approved toilet paper and napkins
    We recycle as much as we possible, and donate useful empty pots and egg boxes to a local nursery for craft activities
    We use low energy light bulbs throughout the house
    Your water is heated in an energy efficient boiler,
    The insulation of the building has been significantly improved
    We recycle the plastic, paper and glass waste in your room bin
    Weather permitting, we line dry your towels
    We strive to make efficient use of paper (use of email, online check in)
    We try to organize our day so that we are not wasteful and use machines efficiently

Richmond House has always been a luxury Bed & Breakfast, and our guests’ comfort remains at the forefront of our ethos. Your stay is your holiday, but if you’d like to give the environment a little break whilst you’re here, here are some suggestions of small choices you could make:

You could switch off the lights in your room when you’re not using them
You could use water with care
You could turn off the TV using the button on top of the unit, or at the mains
You could leave the car at home …….
Best of all, why not choose to enjoy some of the fabulous natural areas in the Chichester District?